Parking Guidance System – Implementation & Benefits

Vehicle Parking, if not properly managed, can become a major social nuisance. To avoid this, governments, corporations and parking lot owners worldwide are moving towards implementing parking guidance systems to improve parking space utilization & driver convenience and reduce prohibited on-street parking.

So what is a Parking Guidance System? PGS is a guidance system for vehicles that uses traffic monitoring, communication and information distribution to offer real-time parking space availability and route to the nearest or desired space. Developed countries like USA and Germany already use these parking guidance systems extensively to minimize road usage, reduce vehicular noise and ease traffic congestion.

  • Implementing a PGS:

    This exceptional gift from technology is a combination of dynamic signage, sensors in & around the parking space and of course, the Internet. Via ultrasonic technology, a parking guidance system is able to calculate exact occupancy and availability. Multi-colored LED signage is used to let driver know if the parking space is occupied, available or reserved. The system also comes with a user app, which allows pre-booking, online payments and navigation.

 Advantages of PGS

– Cost-Effective and Efficient
– User Friendly and Improves Driver Comfort
– Optimal Utilization of Parking Space
– Real Time Information Availability
– Environment Friendly
– Saves Time

Parking can be a nightmare for many but with a quality parking guidance system, both drivers and parking lot owners can have peace of mind. Dishmaan Automatic is also proud to have contributed towards implementation of this essential technology that is also in line with Smart Cities mission of Government of India. Dishmaan’s Parking Guidance Systems have been successfully implemented in over 100 car parks across the country and can be found in many prominent locations such as airports and shopping malls

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