The skilled Dishmaan Team includes professional engineers, geologists, architects, environmental consultants and materials specialists with extensive experience with all the materials used to support your structure or construct your facility or infrastructure. We design foundations, pavements, earth retention, demolition, diamond cutting, roofing, coatings, environmental remediation, stormwater management, and specialized building enclosure systems and structural components. We are experts in the environment surrounding your project. Our designs are based on our significant practical experience helping clients build tens of thousands of projects using in-depth analyses, studies and lab test results to help deliver creative yet practical and cost effective solutions to your problems and achieve your project goals and objectives.

Building Materials Design Services
Our building materials specialists at Dishmaan offer design and specification services for building enclosures, roofing systems, coatings and specialized structural components. Our experts also specialize in designing comprehensive maintenance, rehabilitation and restoration strategies for buildings, parking decks, equipment foundations and bridges. Learn more about our building materials services.

Environmental Design Services
Our environmental experts design and engineer a wide variety of soil and groundwater remediation systems, direct contact vapor intrusion mitigation systems, and other contamination management solutions. Our experts can also design rain gardens, bioswales, and other stormwater, sediment management and other water resource management solutions. Learn more about our environmental services.

Geotechnical Design Services
Dishmaan geotechnical experts design and prepare plans for specialty foundations, underpinning, temporary and permanent earth retention systems, groundwater management systems, and ground improvement systems. Our cost-effective and inventive designs are based on the results of our decades of experience with projects throughout the region and our in-depth subsurface evaluations. Learn more about our geotechnical services.

Pavement Design Services
Dishmaan’s pavement specialists provide comprehensive, end-to-end pavement design services for new and existing roadways, runways and parking lots. Our experts customize pavement design services to your unique project requirements and budget using our decades of experience designing thousands of projects throughout the region. Dishmaan’s pavement engineers excel in developing cost effective and long lasting pavement rehabilitation strategies utilizing advanced recycling techniques such as full-depth reclamation and soil stabilization techniques. Learn more about our pavement services.

Site Civil Design Services
Dishmaan’s experts specialize in the design of infrastructure rehabilitation projects including pavements, underground utilities and site layout. Our engineers evaluate and provide project specific design alternatives that efficiently, effectively and economically solve your site needs. We prepare project drawings, specifications, and even 3-D models if needed to facilitate competitive bidding to qualified contractors. During construction, our representatives provide construction administration, observation and testing services.